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In organic chemistry, the phenyl group or phenyl ring is a cyclic group of atoms with the formula C6H5. Phenyl groups are closely related to benzene. Phenyl groups have six carbon atoms bonded together in a hexagonal planar ring, five of which are bonded to individual hydrogen atoms, with the remaining carbon bonded to a substituent. Phenyl groups are commonplace in organic chemistry. Although often depicted with alternating double and single bonds, phenyl groups are chemically aromatic and show nearly equal bond lengths between carbon atoms in the ring

Phenylhydrazine forms monoclinic prisms that melt to an oil around room temperature which may turn yellow to dark red upon exposure to air. Phenylhydrazine is miscible with ethanol, diethyl ether, chloroform, and benzene. It is sparingly soluble in water.

Phenylhydrazine was the first hydrazine derivative characterized, reported by Emil Fischer in 1875.  He prepared it by reduction of a phenyl diazonium salt using sulfitesalts. Fischer used phenylhydrazine to characterize sugars via formation of hydrazones with the sugar aldehyde. He also demonstrated in this first paper many of the key properties recognized for hydrazines.